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As a new vapor sometime the variety of choices can be overwhelming, you may not know what to chose and what works in order to have the perfect vaping experience. This is where we are here to help. In comparison to smoking normal cigarettes, vaping has a lot more to it. Depending on the vaping kit that you have, the right e liquid for you is dependent on of course your personal preference of flavour and PG/VG ratio. There is lot of options available if you prefer fruits, desserts, and mint or tobacco flavour e liquids.


Around the UK there are a lot of vape stores where you can buy eliquid, however it may seem as though recently cheap eliquid in UK is ever expanding. Before choosing the right vape kit device, one should consider whether they prefer mouth to lung inhale, similar like smoking cigarette or direct to lung inhale which is like smoking traditional shisha pipes. Accordingly you can choose simple pen style starter kit or usually box mods which comes sub ohm tanks for later preference.

E-Liquid Ingredients

Each bottle of eliquid has two major components, these are often shortened down to PG/VG, however the proper names are Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. The difference in these is that higher proportion of PG is used in eliquids for a stronger throat hit, usually 50/50 VG/PG e liquid. This is more attractive for mouth to lung (MTL) vapers as these are commonly used in the starter kits to give the affect of a throat hit to subsidize you are beginner vaper trying to come off cigarettes. This is to ensure that the transition from smoking normal cigarettes is a lot easier for you.

VG on the other hand is the opposite, usually higher proportion of VG, which is 70/30 VG/PG e liqud. Vegetable Glycerin is used in eliquids to produce a much smoother vape, also known as direct to lung or sub ohm vaping, which is facilitated by sub ohm vape tanks. VG concentration is to bring intense flavour and cloud production, usually used at higher wattage. These are often both in a variety of ratios so that you are able to find the one that best suits your vaping style.

What eliquid is the most suitable for my electronic cigarette?

There are many different kinds of electronic cigarettes, so firstly it is important to analyze the hardware that you are using. If you are a beginner and are just looking for some advice, ask yourself, would i prefer a MTL or direct to lung/sub ohm vape product. Once you decide the way you want to vape, then there are few options to consider, as explained below.

Mouth to Lung (MTL)

As above we have gone over the PG/VG definitions, you will now know that for MTL users the best eliquid will be ones which have a higher ratio of PG and usually used with a higher level of nicotine e liquid. However, it is most common to use a 50/50 VG/PG ratio as you get a pleasant throat hit whilst also having a great amount of flavour and vapour production.

Pod systems/Pod Mod systems are the newest craze within the vaping world and are usually used by MTL users, however many newer version pod kit also offer Sub Ohm vaping too, when choosing right coil. We have previously done a blog on pod systems and pod e liquid if you would also like to check that out. However to save some time i will summarize few key points below. Pod systems come ideally in two forms;

  • Open pod system - Open pod systems are normally the more popular options as they are more flexible, you are able to fill them up with any vape juice of your preference, could it be of any brand as well. It also allows you to use different type of replacement coils as well as replacement pods, if you decide to switch different flavour, at usually similar price of a coil.
  • Closed pod system - Closed pod systems are a little bit different as they always come pre-filled vape juice and once eliquid is finished you will have to use replacement pod rather than just changing the coil. They are a little bit more restrictive than an open pod system as you are not able to switch brands of flavour of your choice except what if offered by the same manufacturer.

SubOhm Vaping

Sub Ohm vape users are usually vapors who have either passed the MTL phase or only vape for the flavour and cloud chasing. This is a very popular form of vaping for experienced vapors. Sub Ohm vape are usually a lot bigger box mod vape kit compared to starter kit and normally have more advanced features. These vape devices offer larger tank for eliquids, additionally you can purchase bigger extension glasses separately, an LED screen with wattage settings, to vape on higher or lower wattages. Each electronic cigarette (apart from closed pod systems, like explained above) will have a coil system. Any coil that is lower than 1.0 Ohm this allows the production of vapor to be larger when using higher VG concentrated eliquids.

CBD Eliquids

There is also another newly introduced feature to vaping which is the use of CBD infused eliquid. Cbd eliquid in UK is all the natural flavourings from cannabis however, the reason why it a healthier alternative is due to it complying with laws and having no THC eliquid in UK. THC is the chemical in cannabis that causes the high affect, CBD eliquid within the UK does not contain THC and is used as a pain relief and even a relaxer.

Us at ShishaTime could not wait to gain access to this incredible new feature in vaping, we stock all kinds of CBD products that can be bought in store or online. A few of our popular CBD products include; oral cannabis extract oil, 500/1000/2000mg e liquids, cbd lollipops and salad dressing. The e liquids can be used in most vaping devices; however we also sell CBD FX vape kit which is set at the right level to ensure that you reap the best benefits from the CBD oil. Have a look at our range on our website for more of our extraordinary CBD products.

Vapors all around the UK have recently started using CBD oil as there has proved to be so many health benefits from using it, such as;

  • Anti - Anxiety
  •  Anti- Depressant
  • Anti -Oxidant
  • Pain Relief
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Strengthening bones

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